Public Servants: We Are Here to Help

An Australian public servant working in Canberra ACT.Russell Dew Financial Services provide a range of professional and effective financial services dedicated to assisting public servants in Canberra.

Salary Packaging

How can you drive your wages further…

  • Lease a new car rather than borrowing
  • Buy a work related computer
  • Build additional assets for retirement inside superannuation
  • Commonwealth Superannuation

Review your Commonwealth Superannuation and use salary sacrifice contributions to reduce your tax rate.


Are your investments in the correct asset allocation for your comfort zone? The sleep test – can you sleep at night?

Non Superannuation Investments

Have you considered options outside of superannuation to invest in and build assets for retirement?

Retirement Planning

Clarify the benefits available from both your Comsuper Pension and the Age Pension.

  • Then determine if you will have an adequate retirement income.

Paying your home loan off more quickly

You may be better to build up assets in superannuation before retirement as the tax rates are lower and at retirement you could have more funds to pay down your loan.

Public Servant? Interested in Starting or Improving Your Financial Plan for Your Future?

In many situations, there can be more investment, financial benefit and tax deductable options available for people. Make use of the beneficial options available for you and call us on (02) 6232 4252, email us or send a message.

Latest Financial Planning News

  • Our website is really our digital office.

    Coming to our digital office means you can visit us at any time without moving, you family and friends can to.  You can drop off and pick up files, you can catch up with important news, you can ask us questions on a wide range of topics, you can search providers such as Centrelink, the ATO and ASIC and often more easily than going to their sites, you can access a range of calculators, you can get to know our staff, and more.  Drop in anytime!

  • Bitcoin – is it really for you?

    If I could sum up the contents of my junk emails over the last 12 months in a single word it would be: Bitcoin.

  • Spread your money, reduce risk

    Six out of ten Australians own investments outside of the family home and super. That’s good news. The only problem is that many people are still putting all their eggs in one, or just a few, baskets. 

  • Love and money? It’s not about control

    While talking about money is not the most romantic way to spend an evening, it's worth putting some time aside to explore shared goals and the way you manage your money as a twosome.