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Russell Dew Financial Services and financial planning located in Deakin Canberra ACT.

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“My aim is to give you options and sufficient knowledge so you are in control of the investment process.”

I have worked as a financial planner for over 26 years and I have seen many situations where it has been possible to:

  • legally reduce tax payable;
  • increase income and capital growth from investments;
  • increase Centrelink benefits;
  • generate a sustainable investment over time;
  • cover the loss of income from the death or disablement of a family breadwinner.

Financial Planning Scenarios Include:

  • Consolidating and restructuring Investment Portfolios to generate a retirement income that is taxation effective and maximises Centrelink benefits and also investing those assets to generate attractive long term returns.
  • Preparing Salary Sacrifice advice to ensure you maximise your available working income for building up assets.
  • Reviewing your investment options for employer payments and superannuation when you are changing jobs.
  • Navigating through the various investment choices available that are consistent with your risk acceptance profile.
  • Reviewing your eligibility for Centrelink benefits.
  • Assessing your needs for Risk Cover in the event of sickness to you or other family members.

Russell Dew Financial Services offer a broad range of professional, high quality financial planning services for residents and public servants throughout Canberra and Australia. Our office is located in Deakin, Canberra.

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